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Why Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt has been around for thousands of years now. Before, people owned cattle and sheep which provided for their daily milk. Souring the milk was the process that will preserve it or prolong its life. Soft cheese was made from the soured milk for their immediate use and hard cheese was made for the lean winter months.

Many types of dishes has soured food in their ingredients. In many parts of the world, people use cultured milk products in some forms. Sour foods can greatly help in the assimilation and digestion of foods. It can also help prevent illness.

The product of fresh milk which is curdled by bacteria is the product we know as yogurt. it is a complete protein food and it comparable to meat and eggs. It is rich in vitamins A, B, and D. It contains twenty two amino acids typical of all proteins. When yogurt enters the intestines, enzymes break it down and is easily assimilated and absorbed in the body because it is a pre-digested food.

Yogurt can be tolerated even by sick people because it is pre-digested food. When taking antibiotics, yogurt is beneficial since it prevents the destruction of friendly bacteria in the gut. Individuals who cannot digest milk products can absorb these cultured dairy products like yogurt without any harmful effects.

Colon health and the proper functioning of the immune system are the two main benefits of taking yogurt.

Yogurt helps repopulate colon flora. With a healthy colon flora, you will have a healthy body and mind. The pH levels in your stomach are balanced so it can provide better digestion and faster nutrient absorption into the bloodstream. Yogurt helps to protect the stomach lining and intestines by coating the surfaces and prevents ulcer formation.

If the digestion is balanced, then the immune system can effectively respond to bacteria and other body invaders. Your body is protected from intestinal and external toxins and pathogens if there is friendly bacteria present.

Here are some yogurt-buying tips.

Check the container of the yogurt you are buying if it contains live bacteria. As long as it says the word live or active bacteria it is good enough even if the name of the bacteria is not indicated.

Read the container if it has sugar, honey, or fruit. Yogurt should have none of these ingredients.

You can eat live yogurt with fruit or honey but it must be added after the fermentation process is completed or just before taking it. Do not take too much honey with yogurt.

Check the expiration date of the product. Make sure that the expiry date is still seven to ten days away.

Heat destroys the live bacteria which benefits your body so you should keep yogurt in a cold place.

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